Biggest Vikings first-round NFL Draft busts from every decade

Former Minnesota Vikings WR Troy Williamson
Former Minnesota Vikings WR Troy Williamson / Jonathan Ferrey/GettyImages
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Biggest Vikings Draft Bust from the 1980s:

Gerald Robinson - DE (1986)

The 1980s saw Minnesota draft the likes of Darrin Nelson (1982), Joey Browner (1983), Keith Millard (1984), Chris Doleman (1985), D.J Dozier (1987), and Randall McDaniel (1988). About the only pick that flamed out was Robinson.

No one could blame the Vikings for taking Robinson. After all, he’d been an All-American defensive end at Auburn University in 1984 and ended his collegiate career with 26 sacks. That number is still tied for first all-time in program history.

Putting Robinson on the same defensive line as Millard and Doleman must have given the Minnesota defensive coaches goosebumps. It was evident early on, however, that Robinson wasn’t as advertised.

During his rookie year, he started four games and netted 3.5 sacks and 43 tackles. In 1987, Robinson didn’t start any games and only saw action in four contests. He was released following the ‘87 season and played two years in San Diego before four with the Rams. Robinson’s career ended in 1994 with 19 total sacks.