5 Vikings we already know will (probably) be gone in 2024

Kirk Cousins
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Vikings player probably not returning No. 1

Kirk Cousins, quarterback

Through the first three games of the season, quarterback Kirk Cousins has been racking up a crazy number of stats. He leads all passers with 1,075 yards, 138 pass attempts, 96 completions, nine passing touchdowns, and 17 passes of 20 yards or more.

Leading the NFL in five passing statistics is pretty great and he has also been nominated for FedEx Air Player of the Week every week so far, but none of those things mean the Vikings will make giving him a contract extension a priority.

Minnesota will likely be on the hunt for a quarterback in the 2024 NFL Draft and if they fail to find one there, they will probably seek out a bridge passer to hold down the fort until they are able to draft a prospect they like.

There is always an outside chance the Minnesota Vikings want to run things back with Cousins in 2024 but the cost to bring him in might be a bit more than the team can handle with Justin Jefferson's extension being a priority.