5 Vikings we already know will (probably) be gone in 2024

Kirk Cousins
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Vikings player probably not returning No. 3

Jordan Hicks, linebacker

If not for taking a $1.5 million pay cut this offseason, there is a good chance that Jordan Hicks wouldn't have been part of the 2023 Minnesota Vikings team. Thanks to that pay cut, he is still on the team.

The emergence of rookie Ivan Pace Jr. will likely move him into the starting lineup moving forward and the fact that Hicks is set to become a free agent means the team will likely seek out an inexpensive option for next year.

Hicks will be 32 years old next season, which isn't too bad, but the franchise is looking to get younger and faster at nearly every position while preparing for the future. He still has gas in the tank and will get a solid offer in free agency thanks to his experience and play.

It might seem like a small move, but not spending more on an inside linebacker can help the Minnesota Vikings have more capital to spend on extensions for other players or to help fill out a roster with younger players who show potential.