Major Kirk Cousins talking point debunked by AFC North team

Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins
Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins / Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

A recent signing by the Baltimore Ravens disproved a talking point Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins has been emphasizing during the last few weeks.

Shortly after the 2023 regular season came to an end for his team in the form of a Week 18 loss to the Detroit Lions, Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins quickly shifted into offseason mode and began taking part in interviews with a number of national sports outlets.

In several of these interviews, whenever he was asked if he would be re-signing with the Vikings or not this year, Cousins emphasized a talking point about how contract negotiations don't begin until March.

Well, on Sunday, the quarterback's talking point was proven to be false after the Baltimore Ravens signed one of their current players to a contract extension.

Baltimore Ravens signing puts words back in the mouth of Minnesota Vikings QB Kirk Cousins

On Sunday, the Ravens announced that they had agreed to an extension with veteran wide receiver Nelson Agholor.

And for those who don't have a calendar nearby, the new contract was made official on February 18th, which, to the surprise of some, is not part of the month of March.

So, this was already known, but the Agholor signing is just the latest proof that new contracts can be negotiated and agreed to before the new league year begins in March, which makes Cousins' comments from the last few weeks just plain odd.

Does the veteran quarterback want to test the free-agent market before considering a return to Minnesota? Have talks with the Vikings already broken off, and both parties are just trying to keep quiet about everything?

During his recent interviews, no one really thought Cousins was going to come out and reveal if he is going to stay with Minnesota this year or sign elsewhere. But why come up with something that, at least on the surface, is totally bogus?

There's likely more to the story, as there usually is, but the Agholor extension should at least cause Vikings fans to have more questions about the current situation between Minnesota and Cousins.