6 biggest takeaways from the Vikings loss to the Chargers in Week 3

Josh Oliver and T.J. Hockenson
Josh Oliver and T.J. Hockenson / Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports
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Vikings takeaway No. 4

Minnesota's red zone and third down offense was terrible

The most frustrating part of this game by far was how many opportunities the Minnesota Vikings had in the final moments to take the lead. Not only were they turned away on downs once, but they got a fresh set of downs due to a Chargers penalty and still couldn't score.

On the day, Minnesota only converted only four of their 13 third down tries and cashed in on one of their four red zone opportunities. This team has to be better in those situations, especially with how much they have invested in the offense.

When comparing scores around the league, 24 points seems like a solid amount (if you ignore what the Dolphins did to the Broncos) but this team is capable of putting more points on the board on any given week.

Is this a play calling issue? Is it a lack of execution? Or is it a mixture of both? This is something the Minnesota Vikings are going to have to take a long look at before they face off against the Carolina Panthers next week.