4 moves Minnesota Vikings need to make now that the Super Bowl is over

Minnesota needs to act swiftly in order to get themselves back into contention.

Minnesota Vikings, Justin Jefferson
Minnesota Vikings, Justin Jefferson / Stephen Maturen/GettyImages
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4. Re-sign Kirk Cousins and put the QB conversation to bed

Once the Vikings extend Justin Jefferson, it's time to give Kirk Cousins a deal and just get this conversation over with. Cousins and Jefferson are fond of one another. They have the chemistry. They enjoy playing with one another. If this Vikings team is able to lock Cousins down, along with Jefferson, that checks off a couple of big ticket items on the offseason checklist.

The problem with re-signing Cousins, in Minnesota's eyes, is that the Vikings have been rumored to only want him back on a one-year deal. Meanwhile, Cousins would like to continue playing beyond 2024 and desires a multi-year contract.

Sure, he's coming off a tough Achilles injury, but Cousins should be given what he desires. He's done nothing but play good football for the Vikings since coming to Minnesota, and he's seemingly improved since the day he arrived, if I dare say so.

Give Cousins the kind of deal he wants, and get creative if need be. But, as long as the Vikings can go into the bulk of the offseason knowing they have Jefferson and Cousins in the fold, they'll be able to operate with a clearer vision going forward.