3 must-see videos from Vikings preseason loss to Seahawks

Vikings fans got a glimpse of some eye-popping playmaking ability on Thursday night
Minnesota Vikings, Jordan Addison
Minnesota Vikings, Jordan Addison / Christopher Mast/GettyImages
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Rookie Jordan Addison had a catch that wasn't ruled a catch, but could have been

Coming out of USC after transferring from Pittsburgh, wide receiver Jordan Addison hadn't put up as big of a year as he probably would have liked, on his way to the NFL. A year after finishing with 1,593 yards and 17 touchdown receptions with the Panthers, he went for 875 yards and eight scores with the Trojans.

Still, NFL teams knew that his dip in production wasn't necessarily by a fault of his own. That's why it wasn't difficult for the Vikings to take him in the first round of the 2023 NFL Draft. As what many are calling the Adam Thielen replacement, Addison looks like he will plug right in as a valuable weapon in this offense.

Early in the first quarter against the Seahawks, Addison did this.

Now, it wasn't ruled a catch. However, upon further review, it was quite frankly too close to call. Had it been ruled a catch, I don't think Vikings fans would have complained.

From the looks of Addison's first preseason action, he's going to be a plug-and-play weapon for the Vikings offense. Just the veteran savviness he showed on the above catch reveals an NFL-ready type of player. Fans will miss Thielen, sure, but Addison is going to be a problem for defenses.