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Paul Allen says the Vikings have "zero interest" in trading Justin Jefferson

During the last few weeks, more and more people have explored the possibility of the Vikings trading Justin Jefferson this offseason.

The majority, if not all, of this has been pure speculation. But in a day and age where some interpret speculation as an actual report, despite the absence of someone citing actual sources, speculation has turned into fans of other NFL teams thinking their squad could potentially trade for Jefferson this year.

Well, Vikings play-by-play announcer Paul Allen did his best to shut down any ideas about Minnesota sending their All-Pro elsewhere this offseason when he said the following on his KFXN-FM radio show on Monday.

"The Minnesota Vikings have zero interest in trading Justin Jefferson."

As the official play-by-play announcer for Minnesota, it's safe to assume that Allen has some sources within the Vikings organization.

Now, he's not going to know every move that the Vikings are planning to make this offseason, but he was pretty emphatic with his statement, and he sounded completely dumbfounded that anyone would even think for a second that Jefferson could be traded this year.

Will Allen's comments quiet down any of the speculation about the star wide receiver heading elsewhere this offseason? Probably not, but the sooner Minnesota and Jefferson agree to an extension, the sooner the rumors about him getting traded will go away.