Vikings News: Kirk Cousins, Wes Welker, Brian Flores, and Josh Dobbs

What Minnesota Vikings news and rumors stand out as we head into the weekend of Week 13?

Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins
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Wes Welker embarrasses himself with statement about Randy Moss

After his first tenure with the Vikings, legendary Randy Moss wound up with the New England Patriots following a short stint with the Las Vegas Raiders.

During his time with the Patriots, Moss was part of a wide receiver room that included Wes Welker, someone who led the league in catches three times during his tenure with the franchise.

Currently, Welker is the wide receivers coach for the Miami Dolphins, and recently, he said something preposterous about his former New England teammate (via the Palm Beach Post's Joe Schad on Twitter).

Tyreek Hill, of course, is part of the Dolphins wide receiver room that Welker is currently in charge of. So this seems like it could be a case of Welker attempting to boost Hill's confidence, but still, to allude that Moss couldn't run the whole route tree during his NFL career is insane.

Moss was one of the best route-runners in the history of the league, and it takes two seconds to google a clip of him taking a screen or a quick slant to the house for a touchdown.

If Welker wants to compare Hill to some of the greatest NFL wide receivers of all time, that's fine. But don't do so by making false statements.