5 Vikings players to be excited about for the 2024 season

Jordan Addison
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Vikings player to be excited about No. 3

Josh Metellus, safety

Listing Josh Metellus as a safety is a bit strange. The Minnesota Vikings defender rarely took on the role of a traditional strong or free safety in the lineup, instead acting as a joker and taking on multiple roles within the defense.

Watching him in the defense won't be easy since he's as likely to drop back into coverage as he is to rush the quarterback or commit to run support, but seeing everything he is capable of doing within a game is impressive.

His stat line in 2023 showed how versatile was in Brian Flores' defense. He had 116 combined tackles, five pass defenses, four forced fumbles, 2.5 sacks, an interception and a fumble recovery. He was everywhere on the field for Minnesota last season.

As Brian Flores continues to test the capabilities of Josh Metellus, it will be interesting to see if there is anything the 25-year-old safety can't do. That kind of versatility makes him an exciting player to watch in 2024.