5 reasons the Vikings can still make the playoffs in 2023

Kirk Cousins
Kirk Cousins / Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports
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Reason No. 1

The losses so far have been close games

While watching the first two games of the 2023 NFL season for the Minnesota Vikings, neither game felt like it was ever completely out of reach. In fact, both games were quite winnable despite being losses for the squad.

So far, the 0-2 start can be attributed to errors made by the Vikings, especially when it comes to the seven turnovers made in the games against Tampa Bay and Philadelphia. It is very hard to win when turning the ball over so much.

Not only that, but costly plays at the goal line were made in both games that could have made a huge impact on the final score. Against the Buccaneers, it was an interception on a pass to K.J. Osborn, and against the Eagles, it was a Justin Jefferson fumble while stretching for the touchdown that resulted in a touchback.

If the ball literally bounced Minnesota's way in either of those games, it's entirely possible that the Vikings would have won at least one of them. If that's the case, this discussion probably isn't even happening.