4 Vikings position battles that have already been decided

Greg Joseph
Greg Joseph / Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports
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The preseason may not be over yet for the Minnesota Vikings but some of the position battles from training camp have already been decided.

It is an exciting time for the Minnesota Vikings organization. The preseason will be coming to an end soon and the team will be preparing for the battles that will face them when the regular season kicks off.

There are plenty of ups and downs from this time of year. Many players will be released to reach the team's 53-man roster limit while others will know if they have done enough to earn a starting role with the squad.

Some of those position battles from training camp and the preseason are still going on and won't be decided until closer to the start of the regular season but some of those battles seem to have come to an abrupt and early conclusion.

Let's take a look at some of those hard-fought position battles that appear to have already come to an end for the Minnesota Vikings even before the team plays their final exhibition game of the preseason.