5 bold Minnesota Vikings predictions for Week 11 vs. the Denver Broncos

New Orleans Saints v Minnesota Vikings
New Orleans Saints v Minnesota Vikings / Stephen Maturen/GettyImages
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Vikings prediction No. 5

The Vikings will win their sixth straight game

The Vikings and Broncos have come in with a similar renaissance in recent weeks but the Vikings seem to have more going for them than Denver does right now.

The Vikings’ offense is thriving right now and has flourished with the addition of a mobile quarterback in Josh Dobbs. The Vikings’ defense continues to get better under Brian Flores and are starting to look like some team that can make some noise in the playoffs.

Meanwhile, the Broncos have seemed to be more of a benefactor of circumstance. Their defense has turned the ball over and their offense has done enough to take advantage. They still make too many mistakes and they rank among the worst in the league in several other defensive categories, making their three-game winning streak feel like a mirage.


Stranger things have happened to the Vikings – especially in prime time – but they should have enough to pick up their sixth straight win on Sunday night.

Prediction: Vikings 24, Broncos 17

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