4 quarterbacks the Vikings need to start scouting now for 2024

Do the Vikings turn to a veteran or rookie in 2024?

Minnesota Vikings, Jayden Daniels
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2. Michael Penix Jr., Washington

During his time at Indiana, Michael Penix Jr. never quite showed what he was really capable of. With the Hoosiers, he was injury-ridden and was unable to make it through a full season. It wasn't until he transferred to Washington that his talents were truly unleashed and health started to fall on his side.

At 6-foot-3 and 220 pounds, Penix gives you ideal size at the position. Any questions of seeing the field certainly won't apply to Penix.

One of his best qualities is an absolute cannon for an arm. Penix can shoot the ball down field with ease, although one detriment might be his lengthy release. As an NFL quarterback, Penix might need to adjust his release a bit in order to get the ball out a little quicker.

This season, Penix was a Heisman candidate on his way to the 2024 NFL Draft and a possible first-round pick. He threw for 4,218 yards, 33 touchdowns and nine interceptions.

There are some who will say Penix is just a big-play type of passer, but looking further at his film, he does do a great job on timing his intermediate throws. He is especially good on curl, dig and out routes. He is definitely more than just a deep ball thrower, you just have to look closer.