4 quarterbacks the Vikings need to start scouting now for 2024

Do the Vikings turn to a veteran or rookie in 2024?

Minnesota Vikings, Jayden Daniels
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3. Bo Nix, Oregon

Another potential first-round prospect that didn't break out until a transfer, Oregon's Bo Nix now looks to be a future starter in the pros. Before transferring to Oregon, Nix's career at Auburn was full of inconsistencies. There was always talk about this guy's potential, but we never truly saw it unfold with the Tigers.

After two seasons with the Ducks, Nix has over 7,700 passing yards, 69 touchdowns and just 10 picks to show for them. He finished third in Heisman voting this year and should rightfully hear his name called on Day 1 of the draft.

Like Penix, Nix will enter the league as an older rookie (both are 23 at the moment). But, that extra seasoning seems to have done Nix some good. His biggest weakness coming from Auburn was when it came to decision-making. He always showed the promise, but somehow opted for those bonehead, Jay Cutler-type mistakes at times.

Nix is a guy who can operate as a dual-threat and even throw well on the run and off-balanced. He rushed for 738 yards and 20 touchdowns with Oregon, proving he can indeed threaten defenses with his legs.