Vikings reveal J.J. McCarthy is already exceeding expectations

Minnesota Vikings QB J.J. McCarthy
Minnesota Vikings QB J.J. McCarthy / Maddie Meyer/GettyImages

For J.J. McCarthy, Dallas Turner, and the rest of the Minnesota Vikings 2024 rookie class, the on-field journey in the NFL officially got underway on Friday in the Twin Cities.

Minnesota held the first session of their 2024 rookie mini-camp on Friday, and both McCarthy and Turner took part in what will end up being their first of many practices at the TCO Performance Center.

Following Friday's practice, Vikings head coach Kevin O'Connell took some time to answer a few questions from the local media, and he shared something about the team's new quarterback that is likely going to bring a smile to the Minnesota fan base.

Kevin O'Connell "really impressed" with Minnesota Vikings rookie QB J.J. McCarthy

After one of the questions O'Connell was asked on Friday, the Vikings head coach had the following to say about McCarthy and how he's already impressed the coaching staff with his work ethic.

"You arrive here this morning and [McCarthy is] out by himself walking through plays already, and not because anybody told him to, but he's trying to have the best possible day that he can today, and try to do the same thing tomorrow.

This guy is a process-driven guy and understands that there's a long road ahead of him that we're just trying to make incremental gains that will be solidified as part of how he plays quarterback for a long time.

So I've been really impressed with him so far."

O'Connell and Minnesota have already mentioned in the past about how they have a plan for McCarthy and his development. So, it's not like the Vikings are in any rush to get him into the starting lineup as soon as possible.

But the fact that McCarthy seems to already be putting in even just a slightly extra amount of effort is a good sign for the future of the young Minnesota quarterback.

If your head coach shares with the public that he's "really impressed" with the things that you've done since joining the team, then you must be doing something right. It's only one practice, but McCarthy already seems on the right track to capturing success in a Vikings uniform.

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