Vikings Rumors: No 'significant' talks about a QB trade by Minnesota yet

No "significant conversations" have been had by the Minnesota Vikings about trading for a QB

Carolina Panthers quarterback Andy Dalton
Carolina Panthers quarterback Andy Dalton / Jared C. Tilton/GettyImages

It's no surprise that most of the Minnesota Vikings rumors on Monday had to do with the team's plans after losing quarterback Kirk Cousins to a season-ending injury on Sunday.

Compared to 48 hours ago, the latest Minnesota Vikings rumors are almost completely different on Monday after quarterback Kirk Cousins suffered a season-ending Achilles injury during the team's win over the Green Bay Packers on Sunday.

Ever since Cousins went down, Vikings fans have been trying to come up with what might be the best option for the team moving forward.

Some are torn between Minnesota sticking with the quarterbacks they currently have or the Vikings making a trade for a veteran signal-caller who could potentially give the team a better chance at making the playoffs this season.

Vikings Rumors: No serious steam on Minnesota making a quarterback trade yet

Some of the names that have been mentioned as potential targets for Minnesota in a trade before Tuesday's deadline have included Andy Dalton of the Carolina Panthers, Ryan Tannehill of the Tennessee Titans, and Jameis Winston of the New Orleans Saints.

Well, as of Monday afternoon, at least according to The Athletic's Dianna Russini, the Vikings have not had "any significant conversations about a possible trade for a QB on another team" since Cousins was lost for the season on Sunday.

While it might be disappointing for some, Minnesota not looking to give up any meaningful assets to acquire a quarterback in the middle of the season makes a ton of sense.

After the 2023 season, the Vikings are going to have a number of holes to fill on their roster, so they can't even really afford to give away any of their valuable draft capital in order to acquire a veteran quarterback who isn't even going to play right away.

If Minnesota was in a better position to contend in the NFC than they currently are with a 4-4 record, then perhaps their thought process on giving up draft picks for a veteran passer might be different.

But if the Vikings are going to add a new face to their quarterback room in the near future, signing a free agent makes more sense for them than making a trade to acquire one does.