Vikings Rumors: Super Bowl buzzing about Kirk Cousins leaving Minnesota

Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins
Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins / Cooper Neill/GettyImages

Super Bowl week is here and so are some fresh Minnesota Vikings rumors, with one in particular having to do with the future of quarterback Kirk Cousins.

Within the next few weeks, we will find out whether Kirk Cousins will be returning to the Minnesota Vikings for the 2024 season or not. Cousins has been the starting quarterback for the Vikings ever since he signed with the franchise during the 2018 offseason.

Opinions about what exactly the veteran signal-caller will end up doing seem to change every other day. Lately, however, it sounds like more and more people believe Cousins's tenure with Minnesota might have reached the finish line.

Purple Insider's Matthew Coller is in Las Vegas, Nevada, this week for some of the events leading up to the Super Bowl on Sunday, and after he made a few radio appearances on Monday, he revealed a common opinion about Cousins from some of the people who cover the NFL in other cities around the country.

Vikings Rumors: No one can understand why Minnesota would re-sign Kirk Cousins

Here's some of the information Coller shared on a recent edition of his "Purple Insider" podcast.

“Every radio hit was like ‘so Kirk Cousins isn’t coming back [to Minnesota], right?’

Nobody could make sense of any reason why, from their outside perspective, from the perspective of a Green Bay host, a Boston host, a Tennessee host, Denver, why the Vikings would bring back Kirk Cousins.

And, I guess, as we’ve gone along, I’ve felt more that he will be playing somewhere else. But I also thought it was interesting that other people [who cover the NFL] believe that [Cousins is] going to use his free agency to sign with the best team possible, and that’s not [the Vikings].”

With Cousins not agreeing to an extension with the Vikings last year and the team allowing him to become a free agent this offseason, the quarterback's potential exit from the Twin Cities is more believable than it ever has been before.

Sure, Minnesota has said that they would welcome Cousins back for the 2024 season, and the quarterback has even made similar comments about remaining with the franchise.

But both parties have their own specific requirements that need to be met in order for a deal to get done. If the quarterback is looking to land one more big payday before his NFL career comes to a close in the near future, then a return to the Vikings doesn't seem very likely.

There are still a few weeks until anything official can happen, but if anyone is going to base their guess on what people are saying at the Super Bowl, then Cousins probably won't be suiting up in a Minnesota uniform next season.