Minnesota Vikings Schedule: Explaining the new schedule rules for 2023

Minnesota Vikings
Minnesota Vikings / Scott Taetsch/GettyImages

The format of the Minnesota Vikings schedule for 2023 could look much different than it has in previous years due to some changes made by the NFL.

We finally know when the Minnesota Vikings schedule for the 2023 regular season is going to be released. The NFL announced on Monday that the full regular-season schedules for all 32 team in the league will be revealed on Thursday. May 11th at 7 p.m. CST.

We already knew all of the opponents the Vikings will face during the 2023 campaign. But now we'll be able to find out when Minnesota will be taking on each of their 2023 opponents and how their schedule could impact their chance for success next season.

Minnesota Vikings Schedule: Significant changes made to the NFL schedule format for 2023

Before the full slate of games are released on Thursday, it's important to note that the league made some changes this offseason to how the actual schedule will be constructed. ESPN's Adam Schefter shared a tweet on Thursday that highlighted some of the scheduling changes that impact the Vikings and the rest of the NFL in 2023.

So for 2023, it's possible that Minnesota could potentially have two Thursday night games and a matchup take place on Black Friday. As far as the primetime games go, we should expect the Vikings to have at least one next season since they are the reigning NFC North champions.

These changes are just something keep in mind before Minnesota's full 2023 schedule is released on Thursday. Will these changes end up impacting the Vikings at all? That's something that we will all just have to wait and find out.

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