4 rookie QBs Vikings should trade up for to replace Kirk Cousins

If Cousins doesn't return, the Vikings might be forced to swing a deal.

Minnesota Vikings, Michael Penix Jr.
Minnesota Vikings, Michael Penix Jr. / Carmen Mandato/GettyImages
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4. Caleb Williams, USC

With many people on the Maye train, in all likelihood, it'll be Caleb Williams going no. 1 overall in April. Now, the major question is, who makes the pick? Will it be the Chicago Bears standing pat, trading Justin Fields and bringing in Williams?

Or, will they opt to trade the pick for a haul?

It would be quite something to see the Bears trade this pick to a division rival, but if the offer is good enough, who knows what might happen. I have a hard time believing Chicago would trade the pick to Minnesota, but for the sake of argument, let's talk Williams.

Williams might be the closest thing we've seen to Patrick Mahomes, coming out of college, since, well, Mahomes. He is a magician. He gets himself out of situations where a positive end result is highly improbable, yet Williams finds a way.

He can make all the throws, including the more difficult, off-balanced ones. He's a pure gamer. Williams, like Mahomes, will do everything he possibly can to make magic happen in order to move the sticks. He elevates those around him. Just imagine what he could do with Jefferson, Addison and Hockenson.

Again, it's unlikely, but Williams in a Vikings uniform would be a dream.