5 Vikings who likely won't be back in 2024

San Francisco 49ers v Minnesota Vikings
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OLB D.J. Wonnum

Like Osborn, Wonnum is a guy who could be lured away with a big contract offer from another team. Wonnum has been damn good in his tenure with the Vikings, developing into a solid and underrated pass rusher.

Wonnum has 20 career sacks, with 147 tackles during his time with the Vikings. He's developed into a more complete defender in recent seasons and is currently on pace to have the most productive season of his career in both sacks and tackles.

The Vikings will have a decision on their hands this offseason. Do they give a mega contract to Danielle Hunter who has definitely earned it? Or do they bring back D.J. Wonnum who isn't the game changer that Hunter is, but will be much more affordable? The recent buzz is that the Vikings may go with Hunter and that would allow Wonnum to test the free-agent market.

There is a chance that the best deal for Wonnum comes from the Vikings, but pass rusher is a premium position in the NFL, and teams will pay through the nose to land good ones. At season's end, Wonnum will be in that category. While it would be nice to have him back, he's likely to land a big contract from someone else.