5 Vikings who likely won't be back in 2024

San Francisco 49ers v Minnesota Vikings
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K Greg Joseph

Why would the Vikings bring Greg Joseph back? He had a down season in 2022, missing extra points that kept opponents in games, and missing field goals that would seal contests. He did make some game-winning kicks and perhaps that's why he's kicking again for the Vikings this year, but he's starting to look very much like the kicker he was last year and that isn't a good thing.

Joseph has missed extra points recently that changed the Vikings' leads from two-score games to one-score games. That's huge and gives opponents hope when the game should feel like it's getting away from them. His missed extra points are usually huge momentum killers and often come after the Vikings make a big play, swinging the tide back to the guys in the wrong-colored jerseys.

Joseph also missed field goals that would've iced some games. He did it in Green Bay, keeping the Packers alive long after they should've been buried. He did it again against the Saints. Joseph had a chance to put the game away, and while it was a long field goal, it was one that he needed to make. Instead, he misses it, and the Vikings go from a blowout victory to another nail-biter.

There's simply no reason to keep Joseph beyond this season. Any kicker off the street would be just as effective and is more likely to hit those kicks that won't kill momentum and can ice games.