5 best moves the Vikings made in the 2023 offseason

Minnesota Vikings
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Move No. 1

Making a change at defensive coordinator

Last season, the Minnesota Vikings had the second-worst defense in the league behind only the struggling Detroit Lions and allowed the second-most passing yards per game behind only the Tennessee Titans.

While some of this can be attributed to talent or player fits, much of the criticism for the team's defensive failures landed on the soft scheme implemented by defensive coordinator Ed Donatell last season.

The Vikings didn't hesitate to make a quick change to a more aggressive coordinator as soon as the season came to a close. Considering how Minnesota's offense was explosive and made some clutch plays last season, it was frustrating to see the defense allow games to slip through the cracks.

With some more blitzing in a Brian Flores-led unit, the Minnesota Vikings defense should only be better than last season, adding some balance to a team looking for a new identity under a head coach and general manager who are still gaining experience.