Hated rival disturbingly obsessed with Vikings QB Kirk Cousins

Minnesota Vikings QB Kirk Cousins
Minnesota Vikings QB Kirk Cousins / Kevin C. Cox/GettyImages

New Orleans Saints pass rusher Cam Jordan recently took another opportunity to talk trash about Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins.

During the last two decades, the hatred between the Minnesota Vikings and New Orleans Saints has grown as high as it possibly can for two teams that aren't members of the same division. There always seems to be something that stokes the fire between these two franchises, and this year is no different.

On Monday, a clip was shared online of Saints defensive end Cam Jordan throwing some cowardly shade at Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins.

This isn't the first time New Orleans Saints DE Cam Jordan has disrespected Minnesota Vikings QB Kirk Cousins

Unfortunately, this isn't the first instance of Jordan going out of his way to talk trash about Cousins when the quarterback wasn't in the same place to defend himself.

Prior to the first-round playoff showdown between Minnesota and New Orleans in 2019, Jordan made an appearance on "The Rich Eisen Show". Heading into the matchup, the Saints defensive end talked about "the issue of knowing what Kirk Cousins you're going to get."

When asked by Rich Eisen what he meant by that, Jordan replied, "at times, [Cousins] looks to be a very proficient quarterback." Eisen then asked, "and other times, maybe not so much. Is that what you're saying?"

The New Orleans pass rusher then jokingly ended the discussion by saying, "um, I'm going to stick to the first statement." Everyone really just couldn't contain their laughter when it came to talking about Cousins.

You know what was even more hilarious? When Cousins helped lead the Vikings to an upset win over the Saints in the first round of the 2019 playoffs. Man, that was just a blast. Right, Cam?