NFL Power Rankings: Vikings top the NFC North heading into Week 1

Justin Jefferson
Justin Jefferson / Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports
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16. Cleveland Browns

The Browns gave up a lot to acquire DeShaun Watson, but so far that doesn't look like it's been the slam dunk Cleveland hoped it would be. They have good defense and a strong run game but that puts them in the middle of the pack for now.

15. New York Giants

They were a playoff team last year thanks to a strong pass rush and the strong legs of Saquon Barkley. Daniel Jones got paid big time to be their quarterback but played more games than thrown touchdowns last year.

14. Detroit Lions

Can Jared Goff be the same guy he was last year and did Detroit do enough to help their last place defense? They have solid offensive weapons and should be fun to watch, but the hype surrounding this team is very loud.

13. Minnesota Vikings

The first thing the Vikings did this offseason after winning the NFC North was firing their defensive coordinator. With new talent on defense and an explosive offense highlighted by Justin Jefferson, Minnesota should be the favorites to repeat.