5 players the Vikings could trade for 2024 draft picks

D.J. Wonnum and Danielle Hunter
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Vikings potential trade No. 5

Christian Darrisaw, offensive tackle

Thoughts of trading the starting left tackle for the Minnesota Vikings hadn't even crossed my mind until a video of the guys from SKOR North debating the merits of such a trade was posted to their account on X on Tuesday.

Darrisaw was the NFL's highest graded left tackle by Pro Football Focus in Weeks 5 and 6. He has been excellent while the unit as a whole has struggled at times to create running lanes or protect Kirk Cousins.

Why this trade could work:

Many teams would be drooling at the idea of trading for a highly talented left tackle, especially one on a rookie contract. He could be a huge asset for a team that feels like they are only a few pieces from contending.

Why this trade might not happen:

Dealing away a stud left tackle is a scary concept. Replacing that production could cost quite a bit more than the team acquires in picks. Plus, trusting the team to draft an adquate player to protect a possible young franchise quarterback becomes another hurdle for the franchise.


Don't be surprised if none of these deals actually get done. Although they are possible, some of the circumstances around the trades might not be worth the trouble for the Minnesota Vikings, especially if the potential trades involve young talent.

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