Predicting the 12 remaining games on the Vikings schedule following 1-4 start

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Week 17 - vs. Green Bay (Sunday Night Football)

This game is a prime candidate to be flexed out of primetime simply because both of these teams aren't competing for postseason contention.

I don't believe in this Green Bay team as a serious contender, and from what we've seen so far, Packers quarterback Jordan Love is nothing but average.

In the final home game of the season, the Vikings run game gets the team going against a Green Bay defensive line that has significantly underperformed against the run this season. Cam Akers looks to earn a nice new contract in 2024, and he should have a quality performance.

The Vikings' defense puts the finishing touches on Packers fans' hopes for Love as their future. But he, once again, struggles with turnovers.

Prediction: Vikings win (4-12)

Week 18: at Detroit Lions

In a tightly contested NFC, the Lions might still be fighting for postseason position to this point. In this case, with Philadelphia and San Fransisco all vying for the top spot in the NFC, Detroit decides to put their starters out on the field, at least at the start of this contest.

Depending on the score of the Eagles game, the Lions may look to pull their starters as soon as possible. Detroit's starters will want to put on a good performance heading into the playoffs, and they will do just that in this game.


The Vikings finish the 2023 regular season with a completely flipped record to that of 2022. On the bright side, they stay in firm position to land one of Caleb Williams or Drake Maye.

Prediction: Vikings lose (4-13)

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