Predicting the rest of the 2023 Vikings schedule after the bye

Jordan Addison and Justin Jefferson
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Week 16: Vikings vs. Lions

The first of two games against the Lions takes place in Minneapolis on Christmas Eve. Despite this not being a prime-time game, it will get a lot of attention since the outcome will have a great impact on who wins the NFC North this year.

Detroit is a well-rounded team that doesn't have a lot of problems moving the ball through the on the ground. The Lions' offense can keep pace with just about anyone in the NFL and they will come to play in Week 16.

Sadly, the Lions will be a bit too much for the Vikings to handle and will outgain Minnesota's offense fairly significantly. Although the Vikings defense will do their best to keep the score low, Detroit will show why they are on top of the division.

The loss to the Lions with two games remaining in the season could leave the division out of reach for the Minnesota Vikings. Detroit could be 11-3 after this game, meaning it would be mathematically impossible to win the NFC North.

Prediction: Vikings 13 - Lions 19 (8-7)