Predicting who the Vikings starting QB will be after their bye week

Three different quarterbacks could be the starter for the Minnesota Vikings when they return from their bye week
Minnesota Vikings quarterback Joshua Dobbs
Minnesota Vikings quarterback Joshua Dobbs / Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports
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Choice No. 1 - Josh Dobbs

Why He Should Start

Josh Dobbs has struggled mightily the last couple of weeks, but let's not forget what he has done for the team since the Vikings traded for him.

Dobbs was barely with Minnesota when he was thrust into the lineup in Week 9 after Jaren Hall went down with an injury. He didn't know the plays or his teammates' names, but somehow, he led the Vikings to a victory.

He did this with his innate ability to escape pressure. It's almost inhuman how Dobbs can bend and twist to avoid pressure and then use those legs to scamper for yardage. He is also a rocket scientist, so his ability to process information happens much quicker than most.

Dobbs made the throws he needed to and let his legs do the rest. He duplicated that performance in the first half against the New Orleans Saints in Week 10, and he got his team out to a huge lead. Dobbs should continue to start if Minnesota goes back to using him this way.

In the last couple of games, Vikings head coach Kevin O'Connell has oddly forced Dobbs to be a pocket passer, and that isn't his style. Let him roll out, give him maybe two reads, and if they aren't there, let him run.

Minnesota has won games this way, and they can continue to do so if he's used this way again.

Why He Shouldn't Start

The turnovers. It's plain and simple. Dobbs is a turnover machine. We've seen him lose the ball while getting hit, seen him make some horrible reads and throw to receivers who aren't open, and we've also seen him throw some very inaccurate footballs.

The Vikings aren't going to sneak into the playoffs if their quarterback keeps turning the ball over. If O'Connell thinks Nick Mullens or Jaren Hall are safer options, that could be enough to ground the Passtronaut.