Predicting who the Vikings starting QB will be after their bye week

Three different quarterbacks could be the starter for the Minnesota Vikings when they return from their bye week

Minnesota Vikings quarterback Joshua Dobbs
Minnesota Vikings quarterback Joshua Dobbs / Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports
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Who will be the Vikings starting QB After their bye?

It's going to be Josh Dobbs. Kevin O'Connell was clearly furious with his performance against the Bears, as his body language and the words he was mouthing when shown on the sidelines made evident. O'Connell needs to look into the mirror and realize he was a big reason why that happened.

He tried to turn Dobbs into Kirk Cousins in the last few games, and that isn't who he is. Dobbs isn't the type of quarterback to drop back and go through five progressions.

He needs to roll out and be given a couple of options. If they aren't there, then he can use his legs and elite speed to pick up yards and move the chains.

O'Connell needs to reflect on this during the bye and adjust his offense so it suits Dobbs's strengths. It's what he did during the Falcons game and for the first part of the Saints game, and it was magical. Simplify things, let the man run, and the offense should go back to being a force.

Dobbs undoubtedly will still make some poor throws and decisions, but if those can be limited to one or two a game, the Vikings should be just fine. The defense is playing lights out, Justin Jefferson is coming back, and tailoring the offense to Dobbs's strengths and keeping him as the starter would give Minnesota the best chance to make the playoffs.