Pros and Cons of the Vikings keeping Dalvin Cook for 2023

Dalvin Cook
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Pros and Cons of the Minnesota Vikings keeping Dalvin Cook

Con No. 1: Price Tag and efficiency

This season, Dalvin Cook is set to have a salary cap hit of over $14.1 million with it rising to over $15.6 million in 2024 and finally $13.5 million in 2025, which is the final year of his contract with the Minnesota Vikings.

Dead money is the most interesting thing about his deal. The Vikings still owe him $8,202,544 and could have some nice salary cap relief down the road if they part ways with the star running back this offseason.

Sadly, his results didn't matched his pay in 2022. Dalvin Cook had the lowest yards per rushing attempt average of his career and had the smallest amount of first down runs in his last five NFL seasons.

The Minnesota Vikings were 28th in rushing yards as a team with 1,661 and only had two carries of 20 yards or more last season. If Cook were to return as a featured back, the purple and gold will expect him to increase the output on the ground to match his compensation.