4 emergency QB options if the Vikings lose Kirk Cousins to injury in 2023

Kirk Cousins
Kirk Cousins / Matt Krohn-USA TODAY Sports
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The Minnesota Vikings have a few options in case something happens to quarterback Kirk Cousins this season.

It's something fans don't want to think too much about heading into the upcoming season, but what should be the plan for the Minnesota Vikings if an injury happens and Kirk Cousins is unable to be the team's starting quarterback?

Durability has been a major strength of Cousins. He has been one of the healthiest starting quarterbacks in the league since taking over as the full-time starter for Robert Griffen III in Washington.

However, last season saw Cousins get sacked 46 times and the Vikings are expected to bring back the same offensive line in 2023. Can the four-time Pro Bowl passer withstand another beating like that and not miss any time?

If Kirk Cousins is forced to miss games this season, who should step in for him? There are some options as to who the Minnesota Vikings could look to for starting quarterback duties in his place. Here are four options.