8 QBs who could start for the Vikings in 2024

Drake Maye
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Vikings QB option No. 1

Sam Darnold

2023 Team: San Francisco 49ers

It's funny, even before it was announced that the Minnesota Vikings are expected to sign Sam Darnold, he was option No. 1 on this list because of the major speculation by blogs and national media.

Although Vikings fans aren't very excited about Darnold getting a one-year deal worth $10 million, that is hardly a guarantee that he will have the team's starting quarterback job since he also provides experience and a presence that could help a young quarterback who needs time before transitioning to a starting role.

Selected as the No. 3 overall pick in the 2018 NFL draft, Sam Darnold has spent time with the Jets, Panthers, and 49ers before coming to Minnesota. Throwing 63 touchdowns to 56 interceptions in 66 games played with 56 starts, the former USC Trojan fits the bill for what a bridge quarterback might be.

The Minnesota Vikings seem to have got the guy they wanted this offseason but the question still remains about what the team's plans for him are. Do they want him to be a bridge quarterback, a mentor, or both? The answer may be only a couple of months away.