8 QBs who could start for the Vikings in 2024

Drake Maye
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Vikings QB option No. 4

Justin Fields

2023 Team: Chicago Bears

Justin Fields is one of the most polarizing quarterbacks in the NFL. He is either seen as a great runner with excellent arm potential or a player who doesn't have the tools to succeed. It's hard to know how the Minnesota Vikings see him.

If the Chicago Bears plan to move forward with a new quarterback and use the No. 1 overall pick to get them, Justin Fields could be available for trade. Chicago might not want to trade him within the division, but may have to if the compensation is right.

The athleticism of Justin Fields alone makes him an interesting idea for the Vikings. However, there should be questions about how high the 25-year-old quarterback's ceiling is and how low his floor can be.

Giving up a draft pick for Fields might not appeal to many Minnesota Vikings fans, but the team would need to hedge their losses if they can't land a new quarterback in free agency or miss out on a top talent in the draft.