Ranking every Minnesota Vikings starting quarterback since 1990

Former Minnesota Vikings quarterback Case Keenum
Former Minnesota Vikings quarterback Case Keenum / Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports
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Out of all the quarterbacks that have started at least one game for the Minnesota Vikings since the 1990 season, who deserves to be viewed as the best of the group?

Ever since Fran Tarkenton hung up his cleats for good after the 1978 season, the Minnesota Vikings have been searching for their next great franchise quarterback.

To be blunt, they haven't found one yet. The Vikings have been close a few times, but any sort of success experienced by a quarterback in a purple uniform since Tarkenton's retirement has been short-lived.

Over the last few decades, Minnesota has developed a bit of a reputation for signing some of the sport's greatest quarterbacks near the end of their careers in the NFL. At times, this method has resulted in success. But there have also been plenty of instances in which the Vikings have regretted their decision to saddle up with an aging quarterback.

When it's come to drafting signal-callers, Minnesota hasn't had much success in this department either during the last few decades. It's not because the Vikings haven't tried to draft a quarterback, they just wound up picking the wrong guys.

Since 1990, 27 different quarterbacks have started at least one game for Minnesota. Of these 27 signal-callers, who should be regarded as the best and most successful?

In order to determine this, we ranked all 27 quarterbacks, starting with a guy who posted a passer rating of less than 40 in his only two starts with the Vikings.