Ranking the top 6 destinations for Kirk Cousins in 2024

Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins
Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins / David Berding/GettyImages
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Kirk Cousins Destination No. 5

Tennessee Titans (+1200 Odds)

Tennessee doesn’t seem to be the most likely destination for Kirk Cousins in 2024, which is probably why DraftKings gave the franchise +1200 odds.

On one hand, the team does have a new head coach in Brian Callahan. He was formerly the offensive coordinator for the Cincinnati Bengals, where quarterback Joe Burrow helped transform the offense from bottom of the barrel to as high as seventh in the NFL in points scored (2021 and 2022).

Shortly after he was hired by the Titans, Callahan brought in his father, Bill Callahan, from the Cleveland Browns.

Callahan is regarded as the best offensive line coach in the business, with decades of NFL experience. The Titans will benefit from his tutelage, as the offensive line was ranked dead last in the league in 2023 by PFN.

Rounding out the offense, Tennessee has Treylon Burks and DeAndre Hopkins at receiver.

On the other hand, Brian Callahan is a rookie head coach who is expected to call plays for the offense. Despite having his father on board, the younger Callahan will suffer from first-time NFL head coach growing pains.

Burks isn’t panning out to be the pass-catcher that Tennessee thought it was getting when they drafted him 18th overall in 2022. There have also been rumors that Hopkins wants to sign with a team that will be more competitive in 2024.

Furthermore, the Titans don’t expect to re-sign veteran running back Derrick Henry, and the team already has Will Levis at quarterback.

Basically, Cousins would be signing with an organization that has major holes everywhere on the offense.

It’s obvious that Tennessee is undergoing a major rebuild and is a few years away from seeing a large uptick in wins. This destination is a hard pass for Cousins.