3 reasons the Vikings will beat the Broncos in Week 11

New Orleans Saints v Minnesota Vikings
New Orleans Saints v Minnesota Vikings / Stephen Maturen/GettyImages
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Reason #3: Ty Chandler makes his name known

Despite the Vikings' season-long struggle to run the ball, Ty Chandler proved to be a game-changer in last week's contest against the Saints. With Cam Akers out for the season, Chandler's role has expanded, especially with Alexander Madison not being at his best.

Against one of the better-run defenses in the league, Chandler is expected to carry a good bulk of the Vikings' running game. The coaching staff has gained more trust in him following his impressive performance this past Sunday.

Chandler's versatility in both the running and receiving game adds another dimension to this offense that the Vikings had been struggling with before. He is more elusive than the much bigger Alexander Madison, making him more effective in screenplays.

Chandler is also a valuable asset in the red zone due to his abilities in both the running and the passing game. Last week, he even lined up as a quarterback in a wild cat play, leading to an easy touchdown for the former North Carolina Tar Heel.


Ty Chandler may become one of the most added waiver wire pickups in Fantasy after this game, so don't be surprised.

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