6 reasons to remain optimistic about the 2023 Vikings

Jordan Addison
Jordan Addison / Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports
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Reason to be optimistic No. 4

The offensive line is getting better.

The start of the season was rough for the Minnesota Vikings when it came to pass protection. The offensive line struggled to protect Kirk Cousins, a quarterback who is at his best when he isn't scrambling.

ESPN has credited opposing teams for 48 hits on Kirk Cousins through the first five games. It's a bit surprising that Minnesota's quarterback has been able to absorb all that punishment, but that's strangely become expected of him.

Recently, Tyler Forness of USA Today's VikingsWire wrote about how Ed Ingram has been evolving as a blocker and it is an interesting read. Generally thought of as the weak link on the line, Ingram has been less of a negative factor lately.

Giving Kirk Cousins a cleaner pocket or even a fraction of a second longer to survey the field would be huge for the Minnesota Vikings offense, especially now that he won't have his top target available for at least four weeks.