6 reasons to remain optimistic about the 2023 Vikings

Jordan Addison
Jordan Addison / Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports
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Reason to be optimistic No. 5

The team is focused on winning.

Contract extensions. Trade speculation. Talks of throwing in the towel. There is a lot of drama surrounding the Minnesota Vikings but almost none of it is coming from the players or coaches of the team.

The absurdity of talking about trading Kirk Cousins (who would have to waive a no-trade clause) has reached insane levels lately. A somewhat snippy side of the Vikings' quarterback came out when he was asked about the possibility by the media.

Head coach Kevin O'Connell and each individual has seemed focused on turning things around this season. Although they do sound as if they are frustrated with the current situation, the atmosphere isn't one of defeat.

Until the team doesn't have the fire or desire to win, throwing in the towel on a season is a bad idea. The Minnesota Vikings have a lot of young players who need to be in an environment that will help them be as competitive as possible.