Rumored price for Vikings to acquire No. 4 pick has been revealed

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Following the departure of veteran quarterback Kirk Cousins and the acquisition of a second 2024 first-round pick from a trade with the Houston Texans, the assumption by many has been that the Minnesota Vikings are going to trade up in the opening round of this year's NFL Draft to select one of the top passing prospects.

Currently, Minnesota has picks No. 11 and No. 23 in the first round, and if they want to make a trade to move up before this year's draft, they're running out of time.

The No. 4 pick that is currently in possession of the Arizona Cardinals is believed to be a spot that could ensure the Vikings will leave the opening round with one of the top quarterback prospects. How much would it take for Minnesota to acquire that fourth overall selection? Well, a recent rumor might have revealed what the Cardinals could be looking for in return.

Asking price potentially revealed for Minnesota Vikings to acquire No. 4 pick in trade with Arizona Cardinals

Considering how much every team knows the Vikings are in need of a quarterback this year after Cousins signed with the Atlanta Falcons, it's been assumed by many that Minnesota will need to part with at least both of their two 2024 first-round selections if they want to move up in the opening round.

Apparently, however, it might take more than that, specifically when it comes to the Vikings wanting to acquire the No. 4 pick from Arizona.

According to OutKick's Armando Salguero, who covered the Miami Dolphins for the Miami Herald for multiple decades, if the Cardinals are going to agree to a trade involving the No. 4 pick, they are reportedly looking for a return package that includes at least three first-round selections.

This would likely mean that if Minnesota wants to move up from pick No. 11 to No. 4, then they would have to send both of their 2024 first-round selections and their 2025 first-round pick to Arizona, at the very least.

Some might think this price is a little steep. But if the Vikings truly think acquiring the fourth overall pick will allow them to land a quarterback who could lead their franchise for the next decade, then it's a deal they would absolutely have to make.

In their history as a professional football franchise (since 1961), Minnesota has never traded into the top five selections of a draft to pick a quarterback.

That strategy has resulted in zero Super Bowl victories, so if the Vikings want to accomplish something they've never done before, then they might have to do something else they've never done before and trade for a top-five draft pick to select one of this years' top young signal-callers.

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