3 scapegoats from the Vikings loss to the Bears in Week 12

Which members of the Minnesota Vikings are receiving more blame than they should for the team's latest loss?

Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Jordan Addison
Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Jordan Addison / David Berding/GettyImages
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2. Jordan Addison - WR

Jordan Addison had a bad week; there's no getting around that. Addison had a costly drop in the game that turned into a Bears interception, and he just looked off all game.

Addison has hit a rough patch lately, but we need to remember that he is still just a young rookie (turns 22 next January), and rookies are allowed to have growing pains.

Addison didn't get off on the right foot with Vikings fans, as his draft night comment of "Let's get paid" was not received well by everyone. Add on his speeding incident in the offseason, and questions about his maturity were undoubtedly there.

Addison has matured in front of the eyes of Minnesota fans as the season has gone on, and even if the production hasn't steadily increased, it's apparent every week that his leadership skills are making massive strides with each week.

Addison was drafted to be the Robin to Justin Jefferson's Batman, but with the injury to Jefferson in October, Addison was thrown into the fire. The rookie hasn't been a disappointment by any means, and even though he struggled against Chicago, he still showed flashes of ability along with his miscues.

Addison will be just fine in the NFL, and Vikings fans need to build the young receiver up instead of tearing him down.