Stefon Diggs is still bitter about the Vikings trading him

Houston Texans WR Stefon Diggs
Houston Texans WR Stefon Diggs / Tim Warner/GettyImages

Back during the 2020 offseason, the Minnesota Vikings made the decision to trade wide receiver Stefon Diggs to the Buffalo Bills in exchange for multiple draft picks, including a 2020 first-round selection that was eventually used to pick Justin Jefferson.

Four years later, Diggs is still talking about the trade that sent him from Minnesota to Buffalo.

Now a member of the Houston Texans after the Bills traded him earlier this offseason, Diggs recently reflected on the 2020 deal that ended his tenure with the Vikings.

"When I left Minnesota, I was a good player, but I [wanted] more for myself. I felt like I was better than that, that I could be better than that. And up to a point, I was like, 'Shoot, I’m gonna bet on myself.' And they sent me to Buffalo. I don’t know if they sent me to Buffalo with the kindest intent, but all’s well that ends well."

Why does Stefon Diggs keep claiming the Minnesota Vikings dealt him a bad hand?

Before we get even more into this, it seems important to point out that, in 2020, Minnesota traded Diggs to a Buffalo team that was coming off of a playoff appearance in 2019 and was in need of a No. 1 wide receiver for the upcoming season.

It's hard to think of very many situations, if any, that were better than the one that Diggs landed in when the Vikings traded him to the Bills. But apparently, he still thinks Minnesota did him dirty or something of that nature.

This isn't the first time Diggs has talked about the Vikings sending him to Buffalo as if they dropped him off in the middle of Antarctica.

During an appearance on Uninterrupted's "The Shop" in March of 2023, the current Texans wide receiver basically claimed Minnesota traded him to the Bills so that his career would crumble.

"If you look at the grand scheme of things, like, Minnesota sent me to Buffalo not to have the career that I’ve been having.

When people think of Buffalo, for example, remember [Antonio Brown] almost got traded to Buffalo? He was like, ‘That’s fake news.’ Naw, he really did get traded. He was just like, ‘I ain’t going.’

So, for me, I felt like they sent me there for [things] not to go well, in my opinion."

But all Diggs did after he arrived in Buffalo was earn four-straight Pro Bowl selections and one First-Team All-Pro selection. Would he have been able to do that if the Vikings decided to trade him anywhere else?

The whole thing is just odd because he essentially forced Minnesota to trade him because he was unhappy with his role as Adam Thielen's tag-team partner. Diggs wanted the spotlight on himself and the Vikings gave him an opportunity for that to happen when they sent him to the Bills.

But, apparently, Diggs views everything much differently.

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