Super early 22-man starter projections for the 2023 Vikings

Justin Jefferson
Justin Jefferson / Matt Krohn-USA TODAY Sports
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It may be extremely early, but who should fans expect to be the starters on offense and defense for the Minnesota Vikings?

The regular season might not kick off until Sept. 10 for the Minnesota Vikings, but there is still quite a bit that the team needs to figure out before it is able to take the field for their home opener against the Buccaneers.

A few players who were starters last year are no longer with the team and a new player will have an opportunity to shine in their place. Whether that will be a rookie, free agent signing, or previous backup has yet to be seen.

Which players will get these opportunities and which returning veterans should be expected to reprise their roles from last season? And who should the Vikings look to for a huge improvement in 2023?

Let's take a look at who could be the eleven starters on offense and eleven starters on defense for the Minnesota Vikings during the 2023 NFL season and why these individuals should be on the field this year.

*Information from Spotrac and Pro Football Reference