6 biggest takeaways from the Vikings loss to the Chiefs in Week 5

The Minnesota Vikings came up short against the Kansas City Chiefs in Week 5 and we learned a lot about the team during the game.

Jordan Addison
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Vikings takeaway No. 4

Flags were flying everywhere.

If you are a fan of laundry or the color yellow, you probably enjoyed this game. 14 penalties were accepted in this game and those infractions cost the teams a total of 137 yards. And it could have arguably been more.

Ten of those penalties came against Kansas City for 86 yards but a flag thrown for pass interference against the Chiefs late in the game was picked up without a real explanation as to the reason behind the change of heart.

Teams have to play well enough so that officiating isn't an excuse but sometimes it is hard not to question. On the same play, a Kansas City player could have been called for illegal hands to the face as well as removing their helmet.

While watching this game, the referees started to feel like major characters in the story and that's never a great thing during a football broadcast. Hopefully the Minnesota Vikings don't put themselves in a situation like this again this year.