6 biggest takeaways from the Vikings loss to the Chiefs in Week 5

The Minnesota Vikings came up short against the Kansas City Chiefs in Week 5 and we learned a lot about the team during the game.

Jordan Addison
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Vikings takeaway No. 5

Resource management is highly suspect.

During a lot of games, using time outs or challenges isn't a big deal. But when the Minnesota Vikings are trailing Kansas City by two scores going into the fourth quarter, having those resources available would be hugely beneficial.

A home team using time outs when not necessary or throwing a challenge flag with an extremely low probability of success can really hurt the chances of a potential comeback. And that's exactly what happened on Sunday.

Kevin O'Connell is still a relatively new head coach, so mistakes are bound to happen. As long as he learns from them and does his best to put the team in a position to win games in the future, it isn't too bad.

Fans at home had to wonder if the Minnesota Vikings didn't have someone to call down after looking at the potential play to challenge, but fans at home knew just by looking at their TVs that there was no way that catch was getting overturned.