6 biggest takeaways from the Vikings win over the Panthers in Week 4

Minnesota Vikings pass rusher Marcus Davenport
Minnesota Vikings pass rusher Marcus Davenport / Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports
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Vikings takeaway No. 5

There are still far too many mistakes and poorly executed plays.

Once again, the Minnesota Vikings lost the turnover battle. There was only one fumble by the purple and gold on Sunday and it was recovered by Kirk Cousins but the quarterback did throw two interceptions, with one of them near the goal line once again.

The Vikings also had seven penalties accepted against them, giving the Panthers 37 yards and two first downs. Although that's not a lot of yardage, any time you give an opponent a fresh set of downs is a bad time.

Minnesota also struggled on third and fourth down again, only converting two of their ten attempts. They also failed to cash in on a red zone opportunity, coming away empty handed due to the previously mentioned Cousins interception.

It's hard to know if the Minnesota Vikings could have overcome these deficiencies if they were playing a more efficient opponent. Thankfully, the Panthers had some struggles of their own, including a fumble returned for a touchdown by D.J. Wonnum.