6 biggest takeaways from the Vikings win over the Saints in Week 10

Joshua Dobbs
Joshua Dobbs / Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports
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Vikings takeaway No. 1

Minnesota can win with Josh Dobbs at quarterback.

For a guy who wasn't on the roster two weeks ago and didn't know where the team's home locker room was, the Minnesota Vikings have been able to get quite a bit out of quarterback Josh Dobbs after trading for him with the Arizona Cardinals.

Dobbs had a solid game. Although his second half wasn't nearly as productive as his first, he completed 23 of his 34 pass attempts for 268 yards and a touchdown while adding eight runs for 44 yards and another score on the ground.

More impressive was that Dobbs once again used his mobility to keep plays alive. The quarterback was only sacked once in the game for a loss of five yards, which is both a credit to his elusiveness and the improvement of the offensive line.

Even scarier is that Josh Dobbs could get even better as he learns more about his Minnesota Vikings teammates and gets more comfortable with the playbook and execution. He should definitely be the starter for the rest of the season.