6 biggest takeaways from the Vikings win over the Saints in Week 10

Joshua Dobbs
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Vikings takeaway No. 6

When is it okay to start getting excited?

Minnesota Vikings fans quickly took to negativity when the team opened with a three-game losing streak. Frustrations were high among the faithful and there were individuals calling for the team to essentially throw in the towel on the season.

Now, the Vikings have a 6-4 record and have a solid chance at making the postseason and competing with the Detroit Lions for the NFC North crown this year. It feels odd that excitement is taking so much longer to grow than dread did for the fans.

What will it take for Minnesota to deserve that excitement and optimism again? Are fans taking a lot of caution considering the injuries the Vikings have suffered or how they aren't sitting on top of the division standings?


There is no shame in getting excited about what the Minnesota Vikings and what they have been able to accomplish so far this season. It's also okay to be cautious about the team. Either way, this has been an interesting season to say the least.

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