Was the Taylor Swift concert in Minnesota louder than the 'Minneapolis Miracle'?

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift / David Rodriguez Munoz / USA TODAY

Were the recent Taylor Swift concerts inside U.S. Bank Stadium, home of the Minnesota Vikings, louder than the "Minneapolis Miracle" moment from 2018?

Here at The Viking Age, we cover all of the hard-hitting news related to the Minnesota Vikings. Which brings us to the latest Vikings-related story about the recent Taylor Swift concerts that were held inside U.S. Bank Stadium.

Many who attended either of the two concerts put on by Swift this past weekend claimed that it was louder than any event that had ever taken place inside U.S. Bank Stadium since the venue first opened in 2016.

For some Vikings fans, this was difficult to believe, especially for those who were in attendance for Minnesota's miraculous last-second victory over the New Orleans Saints in the 2017 playoffs known forever as the "Minneapolis Miracle".

Were the Taylor Swift concerts louder than the Minnesota Vikings miraculous win over the New Orleans Saints?

First off, let's go over how loud it got inside U.S. Bank Stadium for the Vikings after former wide receiver Stefon Diggs caught a pass from Case Keenum and turned it into a miraculous touchdown.

According to the Vikings, the decibel level inside their home stadium reached 120.1 during the team's dramatic victory over the Saints in the 2017 playoffs. It's not hard to believe this when one watches the clip below.

Now on to the Taylor Swift concerts from this past weekend. According to a user on the official Taylor Swift page on Reddit, her show inside U.S. Bank Stadium on Saturday reached a high of 118 decibels.

It's not by a wide margin, but simple math would tell you that the "Minneapolis Miracle" was, in fact, louder than at least one of Swift's recent concerts in Minnesota.

Regardless of which event was louder than the other though, thousands of Swifties clearly enjoyed their time watching Taylor Swift perform inside U.S. Bank Stadium this past weekend, and that's really all that matters.