Terrible Vikings memory featured in Falcons schedule release video

Michael Vick
Michael Vick / Christopher Gooley-USA TODAY Sports

It's not easy being a Minnesota Vikings fan. Although there have been some great moments in the franchise's history, there are also times that those who love the team would rather forget about completely.

How many times have you tuned in to a Vikings game only to see the broadcast share one of the most crushing moments in the team's history? It seems to happen far more often to Minnesota than other teams.

Minnesota fans got another taste of that disrespect recently. When teams announce their official schedules for the upcoming season, they are typically accompanied by a fun or interesting video highlighting their opponents.

Terrible Vikings memory featured in Falcons schedule release video

The Atlanta Falcons released their schedule video and it immediately looked like a fun take on the NFL Street video game. The video titled "ATL Street" is hosted on their YouTube channel and features characters in the style of video game characters interacting on an arcade-style football field.

Since the Minnesota Vikings are set to face their former quarterback Kirk Cousins and the rest of the Atlanta Falcons in Week 14, they were bound to be included in the schedule release video for the 2024 NFL season.

At one point in the video, Cousins appears shirtless wearing an ATL chain with his KC initials on it while spinning a football on his finger. The Falcons logo is at his feet while pyrotechnics go off around him as if it were a WWE-style entrance.

But Cousins wasn't the part that might make Vikings fans a little sad. It was the inclusion of Michael Vick making Minnesota defenders look silly which may bring back thoughts of a crushing overtime loss to Atlanta in 2002 when he split defenders to score a 46-yard touchdown.

Although that Michael Vick game-winning run happened more than two decades ago, memories of this painful play can still be seen clearly in the memories of Vikings fans around the world. Time clearly does not heal all wounds.

The Minnesota Vikings are an easy target for trolling. They have lost all four of their Super Bowl appearances, missed some kicks that could have put them in amazing positions, and have made some brutal mistakes that cost them dearly. For a team that has been around for over 60 years, they have endured more than their fair share of heartbreak and disappointment. Hopefully there will be positivity on the horizon for the purple and gold.